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HJB Logo Traditional strength of the Company, the Civil Division has expanded manifold over the past 25 years..Several major works to its credit, currently the Division is fully equipped... More Info

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Major Projects
* Social Housing Unit at Bahla, Ph-II.
* Social Housing at Jabel Akhdar.
* Wadi Heibi Hospital.
* 27 Classroom girls secondary school + Hostel at Ibra.
* Residential Building at Ruwi.
* 24 Villas at Buraimi.
* ROP Regional Headquarters Complex at Buraimi.
* Sports Club at Seeb.
* RGO HQ Building, Seeb.
* Musandam Forts Khassab & Dibba.
* Additional Works at Khassab Youth Centre.
* Jr. Doctors’ Accommodation at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.
* 12 Nos. Advance Factory Buildings at Raysut Industrial Estate.
* ROP Complex & ISS facilities at Dibba.
* College of Engg Lab.Buildings.
* Cold Stores & Staff Accommodation.
* Expansion of Sohar Industrial Estate, Phase-II.
* College of Education Complex at Ibri.
* College of Education Complex at Rustaq.
* Sewage Treatment Plant at Nizwa.
* 24 Classroom Boys Secondary School at Ibri and 36 Classroom Girls Secondary School at Buraimi.
* 27 Classroom Boys Secondary School at Mahlah and 36 Classroom Boys Secondary School at Wadi Bani Khalid.
* Hotel Building at Al Akhdar, Ibri.
* New Guest Complex at Bait Al Barakah Package 2550 – Ancillary Buildings.
* Extension to Raysut Industrial Estate, Phase-II.
* Open Air Theatre at Al Felaij Fort.
* Multistorey Building at Al Khuwair.
* Jalaan Bani Bu Ali Hospital.
* ROP HQ Complex at Salalah.
* Al Saeediyah School at Al Husn, Salalah.
* Royal Oman Police Border Post Complex at Teebat.
* Hotel Inter-continental Muscat – Renovation Programme Phase-4 -Health Club & Leisure Pool.
* 2 Nos. Areef/Raqeeb Block RAFO,Ghallah.
* 25 Classroom Mixed Primary Schoolat Miss Wa Ba’d Dima Wa Taeen, 30Classroom Azzan Bin Tameem BoysSecondary School at Samad Shan,Mudhaibi and 25 Classroom GirlsPrimary School at Al Hawiya, Bidiya.
* Muscat Water Network RehabilitationProject.
* Offices for State General Reserve Fund,Muscat.
* Border Post Complex at Hafeet.
* Mobile Workshop, EME - MSO Shafa.
* Border Post Complex at Wadi Jizzi.
* Al Masarrat Water Distribution SystemPhase C - Dank Distribution System.
* Prpopsed residential building at Darsait[Gr. Muttrah].
* Construction of Faculty Club Anex atSQU.
* Design & Construction of Wadi HaltyRoad.
* Marble Factory at Suwaiq.
* Headquarters Building for Oman GasCompany.
* Multi purpose building at Shati AlQurum.
* Extension of Water supply to Plannedareas in the Muscat Governorate -Bausher Area.
* Extension of Water supply to Plannedareas in the Muscat Governorate -Al Khodh.
* Ash'Sharqiyah Sands Water DistributionSystem.
* Sewage Treatment Plant at Rustaq.
* Water Supply for Barka Wilayat.
* Construction of Internal Roads atWilayat Mudheibi.
* Internal Roads at A'Sifa Village.
* Sur Light Industrial Estate - Phase-I.
* Institute of Banking and FinancialStudies Building at Bousher.
* Design & Construction of [Yiti - A'Sifah]Road.
* Small ground water recharge dams atWadi Mistal in Wilayat Nakhal.
* Al Hoti Cave - Phase 1 - Access to cave.
* Ash'Sharqiyah Sands Water DistributionSystem [Costal Area Extension].
* Bait Towell HQ Building at Azaiba.
* Inhouse Road Construction by GreaterMuttrah Directorate, Asphalt SurfacingWork 2005 - MWB/DS/069.
* Signalised Juction atAl AthaibaRoundabout.
* Annual Track Road Maintenance atBatinah.
* Annual Track Road Maintenance atMusandam Governate.
* Asphalt Road from Fizh to Al Rissah &Link Dabayn - Liwa.
* Water supply to Ibra, Al Qabil & BidiyahWilayats.
* Upgradation of STP & Associates worksat Masirah.
* Construction of Court Building at Ibra.
* Construction of Internal Roads at Himaida Village.
* Construction of Hay A'TurathInterchange and Design - Dakhliyah Region.
* Proposed Vehicle Inspection Facilitiesat Seeb.
* College of EngineeringTechnical Block C.
* Design & Construction of Asphalt Roadfrom Wadi Saa in Buraimi to Qumayrain Dank at Dhahira.
* Design & Construction of Asphalt Roadfrom Al Murri to Yanqul at Al DahirahRegion.
* Construction of Commercial / Residential Building at Al Ghoubra.

Projects Photo Gallery

Projects Photo Gallery

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